Special Bikes For Special Kids has provided over 50 bicycles to children in need.

Read some of their stories below.

Jais's Story

Jais is a young man who was born in Ukraine with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and was paralyzed from the waist down. Because of the burden on his birth parents due to his severe disabilities, Jais had to be given up and put in an orphanage. For over 7 years, Jais lived in a room on the second floor of the facility and was not given the chance to go outside and participate in playtime activities with the other children.

For kids like Jais overseas, the future is often very bleak. Orphanages in his country are not able to provide adequate medical care, education or proper nutrition. Many children like Jais are eventually transferred to institutions to live out their lives. In 2012, Jais and another child from the orphanage were both adopted by a wonderful family in Wisconsin. After arriving in the U.S. and overcoming several health hurdles, Jais’ new family turned to Shriners Hospital For Children to assess what could be done about his physical impairments.

Shriners Hospital performed surgery on Jais’ hips, knees and ankles. During his period of therapy at the hospital, Jais fell in love with a highly-adapted bicycle that was available for him to use. He loved riding it every day while at the hospital and did very well with it.

The family was unable to afford such a bike for Jais at home, so they contacted Special Bikes 4 Special Kids (SB4SK). Soon afterward, Jais was awarded a custom bicycle that was made specially just for him. He was one of 10 special needs children who received a bike that year. Because of his heartbreaking life story, Jais’ mother told us that she never saw him smile much. His new bike changed everything! The minute Jais was fitted with his bike and helmet, he was grinning ear to ear! He was so excited about his new bike that he even wanted to sit on it in the car during their journey back to Wisconsin.

This special young man can now fully participate in bike rides with his family and friends. He no longer has to sit at home with a parent while the rest of the family goes out for a spin. The bicycle provided by SB4SK (made possible by its wonderful donors) has completely changed his life.